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Is a DIY - how to - recipe book, for anyone entertaining at home, who would like to learn how make drinks like the professionals. It is also a great learning tool, well suited for bartending schools and anyone who is just starting out in the business.

The book has been 3 years in the making and includes Nete's extensive research into cocktail history and the myths which have surrounded such famous drinks as the Martini, Gimlet, Tom Collins among several others.

Recipes include the Classics, IBA approved and drinks chosen from the criteria that they must have stayed in high demand for an extended period of time to prove themselves as ''best sellers'' as well as the revelation of some of Nete's own secret recipes and the introduction of new ones, together comprising a collection of more than 400 delicious recipes.

Illustrated with beautiful color photographs, South Beach Cocktails is set up in chapters with vodka, gin, rum, tequila, whiskey, cognac, liquors, frozen drinks, wine coolers etc. where each section includes the top recipes for their category. With a double index, for both categories and A-Z Nete invites you to either follow along the course from the beginning to end, or skip directly to your favorite recipe.